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Norton internet security 2015 free (90 days) trial

Symantec Norton is the most secure antivirus software and internet security from the beginning of windows providing overall protection of computer. It has added features of start up manager that will help run PC consuming less memory and CPU. Its scanning is much higher than compared to that of its previous product.

How to get Norton Internet Security 2015 free 90 days trial

  1. First download NIS 2013 for 90 days free trial using the download link below
  2. Install Norton and registration wizard will popup where u need to register
  3. Now sign in using new account
  4. Now check on product details where you will find 90 days key. Just copy and save it.
  5. Remove NIS 2013 and install the fresh NIS 2015 30 days trial
  6. After successful installation of NIS 2015 activation wizard will popup.
  7. Now check the Norton validity at the bottom for 30 days and click on renew button
  8. Select I have a key or code to enter and provide the key of NIS 2013 90 days trial
  9. Now you have successfully upgraded the Norton Internet Security 2015 90 days free trial
Norton Internet security 2013 90 days free trial
Norton Internet security 2013 90 days free trial

Download “Norton internet security 2013 free (90 days) trial” NIS_20.1.0.24_SYMTB_PR_MRFTT_361_7599-PCWE2.exe – Downloaded 55 times – 147 MB

Download “Norton 360 free 90 days trial” N360_20.1.0.24_SYMTB_PR_MRFTT_362_7488_PCWE1.exe – Downloaded 478 times – 167 MB

Key technology feature:

Computer protection which includes:

  • Insight protection
  • Antivirus
  • Anti malware
  • SONAR (Symantec Online Network for Advance Response) Protection

Network protection which includes:

  • Smart firewall
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Network mapping and monitoring
  • Email protection
  • Vulnerability protection

Web Protection which includes:

  • Identity safe
  • Browser protection
  • Safe surfing
  • Download intelligence
  • Norton safe web
  • Parental controls
  • Logins and card protection

Norton Antivirus was, if not the very first, certainly one of the earliest anti-malware products and as a core part of Symantec’s software portfolio, Norton Internet Security is still one of the leading applications in the field.

The 2014 incarnation offers antivirus protection, parental controls and system rescue and ensures that your ID is kept secure. There’s also a two way firewall, and spam and phishing prevention.

Installation is reasonably painless, although it wouldn’t proceed until we’d uninstalled iolo’s System Mechanic – if you value that maintenance software (other utilities we weren’t running might also prove incompatible), you’ll need to look elsewhere for your internet security.

This clash appears to be down to the program’s Sonar 4 behavioral protection. This searches for suspicious behavior by evaluating the processes on your PC and, if it’s unsure of a particular process prevents it from taking place. Unfortunately, other legitimate software that works behind the scenes can be confused with malicious programs, so is best not run alongside the Sonar engine.

Norton Internet Security’s main interface has been overhauled but continues to be straightforward to use. The most popular options – Scan, LiveUpdate and Advanced settings – have been given more prominence and setting screens are mainly devoted to slide switches, which are simple to work with.

There’s a useful performance display that shows CPU and memory usage by Norton and other processes, and a timeline of threat detections and resolutions. This is the kind of feedback that few other internet security product offer.

The Norton window can’t be viewed in a full-screen mode, which means that this information, along with the global malware activity map, is little more than window dressing – the map is too small to identify specific places.

Another irritation is that scans aren’t represented with a progress bar, so it’s hard to tell how long they’re likely take. However, our tests show that it’s fast. A 50GB scan of 175.621 files took 27 minutes 8 seconds, resulting in an average scan rate of 108 files per second. This is the fastest we’ve recorded for any internet security suite but, by default, the program tested 10 times as many files as its rivals, which may be over-exhaustive.

Symantec claims that Norton Internet Security 2014 has a smaller footprint than its predecessors, and this was certainly borne out by our copy tests. With the program running in the background, the 1GB copy took 50 seconds, which is close to their other suites we’ve looked at recently, with a scan running, it took 1 min 15 seconds, which is pretty much in the middle of the times taken by its competitors.

AV-Test evaluated the latest engine and gave it a score of 14.5/18; a very good result. Breaking that down, Norton scored 5.5/6 for protection, missing only 2 percent of all the malware thrown at it in two months.


From 2009 Symantec has decided to make Norton consume less memory because of previous complaints by their customers and users. They made a product called Norton Netbook Edition which has all of the features of the existing one but consumes less memory. But, it went on disrupt as most of their customers would like to use it in any other PC because of its fast performance. After 2010 they made their existing product with fast performance and less memory use. Norton 2011 went on very fast performable antivirus with less memory consuming capability along with its continuing feature of worlds most trusted and secure internet security and antivirus software. It consumes more less memory when you minimize during scan with same quick speed of scanning. NIS 2013 got more feature that can boost up your computer or PC. IT has got startup manager (can be accessed clicking on performance) that can block startup programs which occupies your computer memory and CPU. This feature of Norton is something special than any other utility software or windows msconfig startup tool. When you block any program using Norton 2012 start up manager there is no way it can get it auto start unless u allow it from Norton while most of other utility software cannot hold them up including windows ms config and more it won’t affect any other program or windows.

This is probably the best known of all internet security products and Symantec has stood the test of time by constantly improving its product with useful extras, both in its core engine and in the way it reports what it’s been up to. The latest version is light on resources and does what it sets out to quickly and efficiently

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