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LastPass 3

LastPass 3 password manager review

You can get your browser to remember all the different passwords you use to log into sites across the web, but it’s not as secure as using a dedicated password manager such as LastPass. The browser plug-in stores all your passwords, synchronizing them across all your PCs, and automatically logs you into the sites you […]

Extended Trial Internet Security Software

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Best Free Mac Software

Kigo video converter free

Kigo video converter free download for Mac

Kigo video converter is completely the best free software for both Mac and Windows and you don’t need to pay for it. You can use it without any limitation. It converts not only normal video format such as MKV, RMVB, MOV, AVI, MPG but most popular video format … [Read More...]

Free download of iMovie

Free download of iMovie, best movie editing software for Mac

iMovie is the best movie editing software for Mac and is available for download free of cost. Movie editing isn’t just for film producers. Every one of us at some point feels necessary to edit our home videos or travel videos. For this purpose, we need video … [Read More...]

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Free Antivirus Download

Panda Cloud Antivirus

Panda cloud antivirus review

Panda cloud antivirus is cloud based which makes it very light on your system. Although it doesn't have a flashy interface, it is able to provide you high-end protection. It is connected to collective intelligence servers which analyzes and keeps … [Read More...]

Malwarebytes anti malware latest version

Free download Malwarebytes anti malware latest version

You shouldn’t trust your system security entirely to a beta program because it could be buggy and have missing features, but the beta version of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2 appears to be stable enough to use. It can run alongside any existing … [Read More...]

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The Best Free Software

VLC media player for windows

VLC media player for windows free download

Although there are lots of different media players for your PC including, of course, Windows Media Player – VLC is, in our opinion, the best free software available for windows. Not only can it handle pretty much any music and video files you throw as it without the needs to install additional codecs, it also […]

Apache OpenOffice 4

Apache OpenOffice 4 office suite

Apache OpenOffice is the successor to the now discontinued OpenOffice.org and is based on the same code used by its fellow the best free office suite, LibreOffice. If Microsoft Office is out of your price range and Google Docs is too lightweight for your needs, then Apache OpenOffice is the best option for you. It […]

TeamViewer 9 remote access software

TeamViewer 9 remote access software latest version free download

Being able to access a computer even when you’re not in the same room can be incredibly handy. For instance, if you’ve left an important document on your home PC, you can use remote access to drag the file over to your office computer. You can also use it as a means of accessing another […]

Genie timeline 2014 free

Genie timeline 2014 free review

Genie’s free software makes it incredibly easy to back up your important personal files. Launch the program to run a two-step wizard. Select a drive to save your back-up to – preferably an USB flash drive – then choose what you want to back up. The Smart Selection tab has options that include Email. Desktop, […]

Smart defrag 3 free

Smart defrag 3 free download and review

The built-in disk defragmenter in Windows does a good job of optimizing your hard drive, but you’ll get better results using a dedicated and more flexible third-party tool such as Smart Defrag. As is often the case with new versions, the updated release sports a redesigned user interface. The main screen lets you choose which […]

AVG PC TuneUp 2014

AVG PC TuneUp 2014 review

The biggest problem with tune-up software is that its manufacturers’ claims can sound like snake-oil miracle cures. They tell us their products will increase the speed of our PCs, but do they really make a difference? Can we actually measure the change made to a PC’s performance and prove the software is worth having? That’s […]

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